Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Occupational Health Physiotherapy

Occupational health physiotherapy is a clinically and economically-effective service enabling employees to stay in or return to work.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are a group of over 200 conditions including arthritis, back pain and damage to joints, muscles and tendons. MSD are by far the most prevalent cause of work-related illness in the UK and account for up to one third of all GP consultations, resulting in 8.9 million lost working days.

The onset of an MSD may reduce work performance in a variety of ways, affecting stamina, concentration, and mood as well as mobility and agility. According to the Health and Safety executive, approximately 40% of all absenteeism is due to work related or exacerbated MSD.

Early access to Musculoskeletal Occupational health physiotherapy can allow workers to avoid sickness and injury as well as the potential secondary health consequences of sickness absence or even unemployment. Occupational health physiotherapy has a role in proactively promoting health and wellbeing in the work environment.

Whether it is for back or shoulder pain related to manual handling or neck and arm pain related to desk-based office work, being off work sick or reduced productivity at work due to symptoms, Occupational Health Physiotherapy can significantly improve goals and outcomes on a personal and organisational level. Protec Physiotherapists work within a strong clinical evidence base that is linked to standardised and validated outcome measures. They support self-management of common and complex health conditions and promote independence whilst considering all aspects of the employee’s life. Protec Occupational health physiotherapists are able to provide rapid- access, preventative and reactive services for keeping people at work or helping workers return quickly after sickness absence.

Protec Physiotherapy provides Occupational Health Physiotherapy, based at our practice, for many organisations across North Wales, including local Councils, North Wales Police, Powerstation and Laboratory employees.

We are also to provide on-site Physio clinics based at Employers premises dependent on the situation and circumstances.

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